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Comprehensive educational development program

Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on all the developmental aspects of young children including intellectual, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical. The program is developed with your child’s individuality and positive self-concept in mind. It’s intended to encourage creativity, allow for exposure to the academic experience and foster positive social interactions with other children as well as adults. Our goal is to encourage each child toward independence and discovery of the world around us. 


Intellectual and cognitive development

•Interactive book reading and focus during circle time

•Early reading skills including letter recognition

•Identifying numbers, counting, and estimating

•Science and sensory exploration


Social and Emotional development

•Developing an identity in a group enviornment

•Gaining self esteem through accomplishments in art projects and music and dance 



•Developing balance and coordination

•Motor skill development


Home-made, nutritious meals

The attitude a preschooler develops about foods and eating are likely to continue for the rest of his life. Calcium, iron and protein are vital to growing children. Other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates are also needed. The USDA recommends that children have two servings of milk, six servings of grains, two servings of fruit, three servings of vegetables and two servings of meat or other protein each day. A child's nutritional needs should be met throughout the day by offering three meals and two snacks. 


At Vargas Family day care we lovingly provide home-made, fresh and natural foods daily. We offer nutrient-filled meals kids love! Our menus fuel their bodies and create healthy habits early.  We create foods like grandma used to make, such as: from scratch whole wheat pancakes, home-made meatballs and rice, chicken soup for the soul and fresh baked cottage cheese desserts.


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